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Customer management

With the help of a Good tools to,
Identify and strategize cutomers needs and goals

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Automated tools

Automate Workflows
and Monitor your Sales, manage customers, and invoicing.

Sales analytics

Track your Marketing to see the best Results, Price the projects to be sold correctly with a bidding tool that utilizes the work volumes.

Manage and forecast sales

Track sales forecast, hit rate and up-to-date sales results by person, team and company level.

Complete Visibility

Get real-time visibility of customers and follow the sales pipeline and individual cases in real time.

A system that automate your work flow easyly from one stage to another

Find all relevant information in one place to create a close connection with customers. You know what has been agreed with the client, how the project is progressing and how he has been billed.

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With Centralize, simplified, collaborate and an easy to work flows,
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